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We know you can't wait to sauce it up!

"Artisanal culinary products born from a passion for cooking, BBQ and mutual aid!"

Christian Landry

Founder and flavor artist

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It's all in
the sauce!

Our local beer-infused sauces are as unique as the regions they represent.


Slightly sweet , with smoky aromas, others of mustard, caramel, chocolate, coffee , some are even slightly spicy while keeping in the foreground the distinctive aromas of each of the meticulously chosen beers to infuse our BBQ sauces . 


MadQ sauces make you want to invite your little ones over for a meal and of course to have a good cheer!

Discover our sauces and products

MadQ sauce is the very first artisanal sauce simmered entirely in New Brunswick to be marketed provincially.


In addition to the classic version, a line of MadQ sauces infused with beers from New Brunswick microbreweries has been developed. Then, in the process, maple groves were added to the adventure, including: the Sugar Shack, Maple Cure and Château Scoudouc

Image by Quaritsch Photography

Cheers to our

MadQ continues to partner with other microbreweries across the province of New Brunswick.

Christian Landry's vision is to develop and offer a range of exceptional products, resulting from local collaborations, highlighting our New Brunswick foods and flavors.


This way, everyone will have Mad Q product on their tables that represent their corner of the province, made with their ingredients, to their liking.

And who knows, maybe other products will enter the market soon, such as other spice blends and even condiments… to be continued!

Our products can be found in nearly thirty points of sale across the province of New Brunswick. 


Several local merchants have fallen in love with our exquisitely flavored products.  Here is the complete list >

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